Which platform: Should vendors move to Seller Central?.

Date: February 23, 2022
Time: 1:00 pm GMT
Duration: 1 hour

Our upcoming Virtual Roundtable topic will be all about navigating Amazon’s platforms in 2022. Some vendors are considering if Vendor Central is as valuable to their brand as it once was, or if Seller Central is the way forward. As guiding questions, we’ll be discussing:

1) What are the current pros and cons of Vendor Central?
2) Many vendors are using a hybrid approach. How can vendors use this model to their advantage?
3) What support does Amazon currently offer for brands and what challenges exist? 
4) Are you using the Brand Registry and all the marketing tools available?
5) What costs are an issue for vendors and what marketing levers are available in either Seller Central or Vendor Central?

We invite you to share your experiences and discuss and issues and pain points. This is a facilitated discussion with other vetted, Amazon vendors. We request that all participants be active Amazon vendors.

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