Using data to grow your business on Amazon

Date: October 18, 2022
Time: 4:00 pm
Duration: 1 hour

Vendors are sitting on a wealth of data when it comes to market, product, and customer behaviour insights. These can be accessed through Vendor Central and a range of third-party tools. The question is, are you as a vendor taking advantage of this data to understand your Amazon business? Are you leveraging this data to grow sales and maintain a positive ROI on the activities you invest in?

This Virtual Roundtable topic will be about how vendors can use data to their best advantage on the Amazon platform.

We’ll be using these guiding questions to share information and best practices:

1) The Brand Registry is becoming more and more important for unlocking features and data on Amazon. How are you using Brand Analytics to help you identify opportunities for improvement and growth?
2) Are you regularly tracking the performance and activity of your account? At what level and how frequently are you digging into your account’s performance?
3) As a current Amazon vendor, what key metrics and KPIs do you focus on?
4) Do you use any third-party tools to give you more insights? What tools are they?
5) Are there any feature issues or gaps where you feel like you can’t get the data you need in order to make business decisions?

We invite you to share your experiences and discuss any issues and pain points. This is a facilitated discussion with other vetted, Amazon vendors. We request that all participants be active Amazon vendors.

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