Amazon Q4 2019 Performance Review

Virtual Roundtable


Share your views and experience with other vendors on the latest Amazon topics

We provide a small group setting for vendors to share their views and experience on current Amazon topics. The discussion is facilitated to ensure all attendees get an opportunity to speak and ensure the conversation remains on topic.

It is important that we have a diverse group of attendees with different levels of experience across multiple product categories and for vendors to not find themselves on calls with major competitors. We select the final attendee list based on the information shared below.

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  • Amazon's increasing demands on vendors to improve profitability

    For many years, Amazon’s focus was to gain market share across numerous product categories, even if this sacrificed their bottom line. Now, Amazon is more established with large market shares in major retail industries. Amazon's focus has naturally shifted to profitability. Today, this heavy focus on profit puts more pressure on vendors to provide greater discounts when their margins are already too tight.

    In this session, we will discuss the following topics:

    1. Managing CRaP and Amazon's request for cost price reductions.
    2. Price protection: Should vendors be approving these requests?
    3. Managing cost-price increases.
    4. Bulk buys: Are they really worth the trouble?

    4th March 2020 -- 3pm GMT / 10am EST for Active Vendors Only 

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