Amazon Q4 2019 Performance Review

Virtual Roundtable


Share your views and experience with other vendors on the latest Amazon topics

We provide a small group setting for vendors to share their views and experience on current Amazon topics. The discussion is facilitated to ensure all attendees get an opportunity to speak and ensure the conversation remains on topic.

It is important that we have a diverse group of attendees with different levels of experience across multiple product categories and for vendors to not find themselves on calls with major competitors. We select the final attendee list based on the information shared below.

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  • Protecting your brand against counterfeit and IP infringement on Amazon

    Many established brands find themselves victims of counterfeit and trademark infringement on Amazon. This puts their brand reputation and the customer experience at risk. Amazon launched the Brand Registry to help manage such cases, however, sellers still find loopholes to get around the system. In this session, vendors will share their hands-on experience and best practices to help manage these situations.

    1. Have you experienced counterfeit or IP infringement on Amazon?
    2. How have you tackled these violations?
    3. Are you proactively using the Brand Registry to report violations?
    4. Are you using additional Amazon programs, such as Zero and Transparency to help your business?
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