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Share your views and experience with other vendors on the latest Amazon topics

We provide a small group setting for vendors to share their views and experience on current Amazon topics. The discussion is facilitated to ensure all attendees get an opportunity to speak and ensure the conversation remains on topic.

It is important that we have a diverse group of attendees with different levels of experience across multiple product categories and for vendors to not find themselves on calls with major competitors. We select the final attendee list based on the information shared below.

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  • Is Amazon Vendor Services (AVS) worth the investment?

    As Amazon continues to push vendors toward self-service methods and Vendor Managers become harder to get ahold of, the role of Amazon Vendor Services (AVS) has grown more appealing. However, this service comes at a premium. Are vendors actually getting the desired results from their investment? In this session, we will cover the following questions:

    1. Why invest or not invest in Amazon Vendor Services?
    2. What services and support are you getting from your AVS?
    3. What level of engagement and interaction do you have with AVS?
    4. Tips on how to get the best out of AVS.
    5. Have you seen positive results from your investment?
    11th November: 4:00pm GMT / 11:00am EST
    You must be an Amazon Vendor with an active Vendor Central account to join.

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