Quick tips for adding video to your listings in Vendor Central

Images can make or break an online sale. Amazon requires every product on their website to have images before they are live, so customers can make an informed purchase decision. But did you know it’s quite easy to add video to your listings, too? This extra boost of customer engagement can help convert sales and make your detail pages really shine.

Amazon updated Vendor Central features to include a simple user interface that populates video directly onto a detail page. It hasn’t always been this straight-forward. While video has been a feature on Amazon for a while now, vendors used to have to open a contact-us, and supply a video link through a file transfer service like Dropbox or WeTransfer. Prior to that protocol, videos were available as a paid feature in certain categories.

The current user interface puts vendors in charge of managing their content. Now, vendors can login to Vendor Central and find a video upload tool section under “Items.”

Vendor Central product video upload

The basics of adding video

Videos uploaded with this method on Vendor Central will appear with product images on the Amazon detail page. Customers can scroll through the different product photos and find the video in this section.

Product detail page video example

As with Amazon product images, there are requirements for each video file. These can be found in Vendor Central help topics. Before uploading a video, ensure you are prepared with these details:

  • Video file: The highest available quality, up to 1080p. Currently acceptable file formats are .mov and .mp4. Video upload will only support files sizes less than 500MB. Videos cannot include any web links, URLs, or calls to action that direct the customer away from the product.
  • detail page. Bulk upload is not currently supported for videos.
  • Thumbnail image: This is a preview image customers will see before they begin playing the video. Amazon will automatically generate a thumbnail for you. You can change this auto generated image by clicking on the thumbnail to upload a new high quality image in either .jpg or .png format.
  • Video title: This is the title displayed next your video.

It’s important to note that Amazon limits the number of images and video associated with an ASIN. Up to six images and videos will display in the image block. Once uploaded, videos cannot be changed, edited, or updated. Vendors will need to delete and re-upload a video for any updates.

Video Content Policy guidelines

All videos must meet Video Content Policy guidelines. Vendors can download and view these here. Please review these guidelines carefully. There are very specific rules to what you can and cannot say in your product videos, especially related to customer reviews, substantiating your claims and product rewards, pricing info, and safety.  

Once uploaded in Vendor Central,  Amazon will review and approve them. Most will take around 24 hours, but this could take longer during peak periods (up to 5 business days). As such, it’s important to prepare and upload your content correctly and accurately to avoid delays.

Video suggestions

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to get creative! Vendors should think about their product type, brand, and what would be helpful for a customer. Some video types you may want to consider include:

    • Instructional, FAQ, or “How To” video: These show customers how to assemble or use a product. Also, provide an answer to common issues or customer questions. This can be extremely helpful for certain product types, or items that are particularly complex where a product image doesn’t clarify things.
    • Interview, review, or product testimonial video: Does a celebrity or spokesperson endorse or advertise your product? Do you have customers who love your product on video talking about the benefits? All of these are great to include to get customers excited about your product. (Be sure to follow the detailed guidelines here, or Amazon will reject your video).
    • Advertisement: Maybe you have a great video that combines it all. This may be reminiscent of what customers would see on TV. This can be helpful for customers who are used to this format and makes it easy to hit all of your main points in one video.
    • Unboxing video: Already popular on YouTube, this type of video can be a quick product introduction that excites customers.
    • Comparison video: Show customers how your product stands out from the competition. These must be factual and objective. For example, “Product X has an incredible 8GB of RAM, which is 2GB more than Product Y,” is acceptable. Competitor comparisons must not be defamatory or derogatory. For example, “Product X is easy to use and looks great, much better than Product Y, which is a piece of junk,” is not acceptable. 
    • Lifestyle or branding video: This is less about a specific product and more about introducing customers to your brand. While this concept is more vague, it can be useful for brands with unique selling points. For example, a brand that is very eco-friendly could elaborate on their philosophy and values. Or, a brand that is very niche to a certain subset of customers could make a great connection. 

Videos offer a lot of benefits for Amazon customers. However, brand and vendor resources and considerations are also a requirement. Do you need help making your product detail pages the best they can be? Contact Vendor Society to help with videos and all of your enhanced content. 


Katy Luxem

Katy Luxem is a Salt Lake City-based writer and editor who specializes in online marketing. As a former Amazonian in both the U.S. and U.K. locales, she worked in marketing for several different teams and product lines. Prior to that, she worked at Microsoft and was a journalist. She now enjoys helping businesses succeed and grow with next-level content.

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