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Try Before You Buy: Amazon Launches Prime Wardrobe

With the launch of Prime Wardrobe, Amazon is tackling one of the biggest obstacles online retailers face when selling clothing and shoes: Customers who prefer to try items on prior to purchasing. It seems rather than dreading high return rates, Amazon is embracing the issue head-on with its new service catering to customers who want to “try before you buy.”

How does Prime Wardrobe work?

With Prime Wardrobe, Amazon Prime customers can select 3-8 qualifying items from thousands of brands on the site. Amazon ships the items to the customer with speedy shipping and customers are able to try them on at home over a 7-day period. Then, customers are able to checkout online and select the items they wish to keep, returning the rest within the timeframe. A smart, resealable box and pre-printed return label are included in the original shipment, which makes sending items back simple and worry-free.

What can you try and buy?

Want to try on several sizes of the same boot? Hate taking your kids to a store for school clothes? Need new slippers for a parent who’s wary of online shopping? Do you prefer to try on jeans in the privacy of your own home? Prime Wardrobe offers items for men, women, children, and baby, and includes clothing, footwear, and accessories. You can mix and match items from hundreds of brands, including Amazon exclusives, and top brands like Nike, Converse, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Ray-Ban and more.

Why use Prime Wardrobe?

Many customers who may have shopped online for other products for years continue to shy away from the apparel category, mainly because it’s difficult to tell from a short description and product images how items will fit someone personally. What does the fabric feel like? Is the sizing consistent brand to brand? Is the quality acceptable? What if you’re between sizes and don’t know whether to go bigger or smaller?

In recent years, a range of companies have risen to meet these challenges, providing shopping services and curated boxes for customers who subscribe. You may have heard of StitchFix, Trunk Club, Rent the Runway, Gwynnie Bee, Menlo Club, Bombfell, and more. We’ve also seen companies become more tailored to niche markets, specializing in specific categories such as men’s dress clothes, women’s plus size, athletic picks, yoga and more.

Amazon announced Prime Wardrobe in June 2017, and slowly rolled it out to more Prime customers as it tested and refined the service over the past year. This summer, it became available to Prime members everywhere in the US. Because it’s Amazon, customers get a wide breadth of options they can personalize (you can mix men’s jeans with kids’ shoes, and women’s yoga pants in one box, for example), and at any interval of time. There’s no signing up for monthly boxes, shipping hassles, or upfront fees.

Get started with Prime Wardrobe

The service is now open to all Prime members. Learn more about Prime Wardrobe and checkout the FAQs. To find eligible products on Amazon, just look for the Prime Wardrobe logo on product detail pages as you shop.

Katy Luxem

Katy Luxem is a Salt Lake City-based writer and editor who specializes in online marketing. As a former Amazonian in both the U.S. and U.K. locales, she worked in marketing for several different teams and product lines. Prior to that, she worked at Microsoft and was a journalist. She now enjoys helping businesses succeed and grow with next-level content.

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