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Our Story

Our Story

Times have changed from the days when Amazon would take full ownership of a vendor account and do all they can to drive sales and maximize a brand’s potential on the Amazon platform.

Today, vendors are expected to be self sufficient and manage their own account. From listing products and setting up promotions to creating sponsored product ads and enhancing content. Vendors are now expected to be experts in all things Amazon but with limited training and expertise.

Sellers however have been left to fend for themselves since day 1. This has meant they have found ways to educate themselves on the best strategies and practices to drive sales on Amazon. They have taught themselves to be proficient users, have tried and tested various selling strategies and have formed seller communities across the globe. Sellers continue to expand their knowledge with access to forums, networking events, conferences, blogs, webinars and training.  There is an abundance of learning materials out there for sellers.

On the vendor side, learning materials are scarce, there are few vendor communities and there is no online website for vendors to go to for answers to questions they may have. They are dependent on vendor support within Amazon, which can lead to frustration as responses are limited and almost robotic.

Vendor Society was born with the goal to create a vendor community where vendors can find answers to their questions without relying on Amazon. Giving vendors the learning materials to succeed and form their own selling strategies, whilst creating a network of vendors to share ideas and best practice.

Vendor Society was founded by a former Amazon Vendor Manager, Carina McLeod. Carina spent over 7 years working in Vendor Management in Amazon UK managing multiple product categories including Home and Garden, Personal Care, Sports and Fitness, Watches and Apparel. She specialized in launching new product categories into the UK market, was part of the launch of Vendor Central into the UK and managed the outsourcing of vendor management tasks to the catalog and vendor support teams. Since 2013, Carina has been working as an Amazon consultant for both vendors and sellers helping them grow their businesses on Amazon. Carina saw a demand for vendor content and the need to give vendors support to navigate the ever changing Amazon platform. Thus putting them on the road for success and not getting left behind in the dark ages as the seller side of the business continues to advance.

If you are a vendor in need of support and looking to be self sufficient on Amazon, Vendor Society is the answer for you.

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