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Amazon Vendor Central Chargebacks

Avoid Chargebacks

For Amazon’s Fulfilment Center to work like clockwork when it comes to receiving inventory, Amazon has strict order and shipment requirements in place. To ensure vendors meet these requirements, Amazon monitors the operational performance of accounts based on certain metrics and targets. If a vendor...

Amazon Vendor Operations

Understand the Basics of Amazon’s Operations

Amazon is like no other and has its own way of doing things, especially when it comes to ordering and receiving inventory into its fulfillment centers. Amazon has very specific requirements that vendors must adhere to. If they do not follow these rules, vendors are...

Amazon Associates

Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s own affiliate program. It rewards the referrer (you) with cash for any traffic that you send to Amazon which then goes on to convert to a sale. This How To guide looks at how to become an Amazon Associate, use the...

How To Optimize Product Listings for Mobile

Optimize your Product Listings for Mobile

With more than 50% of customers shopping Amazon on mobile apps, it’s important that vendors consider the mobile customer experience when optimizing content. While the same general strategy and rules apply, the format and appearance of product listings will differ on mobile compared to the...

How To Enroll in Amazon Vine Program

Enroll and Select Products for Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is a program for vendors that enables trusted reviewers to review selected products in order to increase exposure and help customers make informed purchasing decisions. Since the reviews are obtained legitimately, enrollment in the program is likely to improve conversion, increase sales and,...

Lightning Deals

Get the Best out of Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are flash sales, featured for up to six hours on the Amazon Deals page, one of the most visited pages on the Amazon website. They are a great way to increase revenue over a short period of time. Many vendors will create Lightning...

Interact with Amazons Customers

Interact with Amazon’s Customers to Drive Brand Loyalty and Trust

Selling online loses that human interaction and personal touch, making it even more important that brands go out their way to offer customers an excellent online shopping experience. Online sales entails constant and ever-increasing competition. As new brands evolve on Amazon, a brand must distinguish...


Manage Unprofitable CRaP ASINs

CRaP is a term widely used in the Amazon vendor space. It stands for “Can’t Realize Any Profit”. In simple terms, “products that do not make a profit”. Amazon are now focusing on their profit margins and if a product can’t give them the margin...

Product Variations

Use Product Variations to Boost Sales

Certain products on Amazon, especially products in categories like clothing and shoes, have variations. A product variation is when an item has different attributes, such as a range of both size or color choices, and is grouped together with all its variants on a single...

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