Grow your Amazon Knowledge and Expertise
Develop Selling Strategies to Boost Sales


A live one day event with ex Vendor Manager Carina McLeod, designed to help you unleash your power as an Amazon vendor.

Learn how you can surpass your expectations and reach your true sales potential on Amazon. Implement new selling strategies and manage your vendor account more efficiently.

Grow your Amazon knowledge and expertise

Expand your current Amazon know-how and manage your account more efficiently. Amazon Vendor Central is becoming more self-service, this course will take you through all the tips and tricks you need to stay ahead of the game.

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Develop selling strategies to boost sales

Learn the most up-to-date selling strategies which you can implement to increase traffic, boost conversion and grow sales. Devise strategies to protect your brand as Amazon continues to grow at a global level.

Create bonds and share experiences

An exclusive event to network. Share your expertise and best practices with fellow vendors and learn from their experiences. Your pain points may be more common than you think.

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Exclusive Event

35 spaces - only 5 seats left!

£249 - Standard Price (ex VAT)

£149 Annual Members Price (ex VAT)   (For our Vendor Society Paid Members)

Ex Vendor Manager and Amazon Retail Consultant

At 'Unleash your Power as an Amazon Vendor',  Carina McLeod will teach you to develop the strategies you need to run a successful business on Amazon. She spent over 7 years working in Vendor Management in the UK across multiple product categories at Amazon. Carina then set up her own consultancy business Ecommerce Nurse, and for the last 6 years has been helping vendors and sellers grow their business on Amazon.  You will have a unique opportunity to learn from her years of Amazon experience and expertise from both sides of the fence.

Situated in the City of London

A 1 minute walk from Tower Hill tube station and only 20 minutes from London City Airport.

VENUE: America Square, Tower Hill
DATE: Thursday 17th January 2019
FULL DAY: 9:00am - 4:30pm

FOOD: Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided throughout the day. A buffet lunch will also be served. All included in the price of your ticket. Please advise in advance if you have any food allergies.

ATTIRE: Dress casually and comfortably throughout the day.

PARKING: There is no parking at the America Square Conference Centre. Information on the nearest public car parks is available at NCP Parking.


Register for the event and start the day with tea, coffee and pastries.

Carina McLeod will introduce herself and provide a brief introduction to the day.

It is always a challenge to launch a new product or give a slow-moving product the push it needs to be successful on Amazon. Just because vendors have set up an item correctly, does not mean orders will flood in, nor does it mean customers will discover the product.  In this session, Carina will look at ways vendors can manage their product listings to accelerate the sales velocity on Amazon.

Time for a break, a morning pick-me-up and a chance to connect with fellow vendors.

All brands want to get their products on the first page of search results on Amazon to maximize exposure and sales potential. While there are several direct and indirect factors influencing position, optimizing all product listings is the first step to getting “real estate” placement and not losing products down the “black hole.” In this session Carina will talk about how vendors can optimize their product listings for search and conversion.

A few years ago, vendors were making the decision whether they should invest in Amazon Advertising. Today the decision is simple, if you want to grow on Amazon and not lose market share to the competition, you must participate in Amazon Advertising. In this session, Carina talks about why vendors should be investing in Amazon Advertising and how to get the most out of running advertising campaigns. 

Indulge in a hot and cold buffet and take some time to network with other vendors.

With the ever increasing number of unauthorised sellers on Amazon battling on price to win the buy box, more and more brands are concerned about the damaging effects Amazon's platform can have on their brand . Carina will be talking about ways vendors can protect their brand on Amazon.

The question on many businesses mind, should they remain a vendor, become a seller or do both? In this session, Carina talks about the benefits of running a hybrid model and how vendors can apply this to their business.

Time for a break, a caffeine boost and another chance to network with fellow vendors.

Amazon is focusing more on it's global approach; Amazon Global Store, European Fulfilment Network and Direct Import. Vendors can no longer focus on managing their accounts at country level, international is the way forward when working with Amazon. Carina will be talking about the importance of having an Amazon strategy at a global level. 

Ask Carina and your fellow vendors questions about all things Amazon. Share your experiences, best practices and challenges with other vendors.


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