The Pathway to Success

A live event exclusively for Amazon Vendors. Expand your knowledge and develop new strategies to grow profitably on Amazon in 2024 and beyond.

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9am - 6pm


America Square Conference Centre,
1 America Square,
17 Crosswall,


Your knowledge expanding day starts at 9am. It’s a full day of panels, presentations and discussion groups. Price includes refreshments throughout the day, a buffet lunch and post-event drinks to soak in your new found knowledge with your new Vendor buddies. Check out the full agenda here.

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Price includes refreshments throughout the day, a buffet lunch and post-event drinks.

Why Attend?

After two sold-out events and requests from Amazon vendors, we are bringing our third live event to London in May 2024. We read the feedback, we were delighted with the results, and we have built on the suggestions. Our live event will incorporate a mix of sessions for optimal learning and knowledge sharing through presentations, panels and discussion groups. We have a fusion of speakers and panellists from both service providers and vendors, allowing you to gain hands-on insight and learnings with real-life case studies from a multitude of perspectives, categories and experts.

Learn how to navigate growth on Amazon in 2024 and beyond

Amazon is getting more complex, the competition is rife, and to increase sales, you need to take a strategic approach. During the day, our speakers and panellists will share key strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition and drive further growth. Whilst sales are critical, our experts will also be providing their insights into running a vendor account that is efficient, profitable and sustainable, setting you up for long-term success.

Listen to the panellists share real-life examples of their Amazon experience

In feedback following our last event, attendees expressed how valuable real-life examples from other vendors were. We will continue this theme, and during the day, you will have seasoned vendors and Amazon experts share their personal experiences in panel discussions on the hot topics affecting many vendors.

Participate in group discussions on the most current vendor topics

Breakout into smaller facilitated discussion groups and share your views and experiences on the most pressing vendor topics. Every vendor has a story, and each story is unique. Learn from fellow vendors and understand how they have navigated specific challenges and the best practices they have tried and tested along the way.

Who is it for?

Recommended for UK and EU vendors that have at least one year of experience selling on Amazon. There will be a spectrum of vendors with a wide range of experience from multiple product categories. It is an interactive day; be prepared to come with experiences to share and to learn from others.

This event is exclusively for Amazon vendors with an active Vendor Central account. This is not an event for agencies, consultants or software providers.

What was the most valuable part of the day for you?

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Register for the event and start the day with tea, coffee and pastries.

Carina McLeod, Founder and CEO of Vendor Society and eCommerce Nurse (and ex-Amazon Vendor Manager) will provide a brief introduction to the day.

Host: Carina McLeod, Ex Amazon Vendor Manager, CEO at eCommerce Nurse.

Panelists: Andrew Pearl, VP Industry Insights, Profitero | Rob Murray, Amazon Client Services Lead, eCommerce Nurse & Ex Vendor

Carina will lead a discussion on the strategies vendors should adopt to see continued growth on a platform where it’s becoming more complex to sell, competition is rife, margins are getting tighter, and the cost of advertising continues to rise, all of which is exacerbated by an increasingly challenging economic environment.

Speaker: Martin Heubel, Strategy & Amazon Consultant, Consulterce

Join Martin Heubel for a critical examination of the “State of Amazon” and discover why the ecommerce giant’s retail transformation is signalling the need for brands to proactively secure and increase their profit margins. This presentation will outline three proven pillars of success that vendors can focus on to improve their profit margins and position themselves for lasting success with the online retailer.

It’s time for a break, a morning pick-me-up and a chance to connect with fellow vendors.

Speak with our software exhibitors and the eCommerce Nurse team to see how their solutions and services could benefit your business.

Host: Owen Aderibigbe, Business Development Manager at eCommerce Nurse

Panelists: Chris Lawlor, Head of Ecommerce, Big Potato Games | Louise Armour, Head of Business Development, Rosetta Brands

Owen will lead a discussion on the common question most vendors have asked or are currently asking themselves: should they remain a vendor, become a seller or is hybrid the best way forward? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and much well-intended but ill-informed advice can often steer vendors in the wrong direction. Learn from experts who have successfully transitioned to seller and hybrid and hear about their challenges, wins and key considerations.

Speakers: George Meressa, CEO and Founder at Clear Ads | Maxim Gennari, Senior Advertising Specialist, Clear Ads

To see continued growth, brands must build a full-funnel advertising strategy that focuses on attracting new-to-brand customers and expanding their customer reach. So many brands focus all their efforts on campaigns that drive purchase and intent, but there is a limit to what they can achieve by only focusing on converting current demand into a sale. Brands should also build campaigns that create demand by driving awareness and consideration.

In this session, we will discuss what a full-funnel strategy looks like and where brands should invest their budget, time and resources.

Indulge in a buffet lunch and take some time to network with other vendors. 

Have a chat with our software exhibitors and the eCommerce Nurse team to see how their solutions could benefit your business.

You will separate into 3 discussion groups based on your chosen topic. Discussion groups will be facilitated in 3 separate areas and based around 3 core questions. 

There are 3 options available, select the 2 sessions  that will provide your business the most value. These topics are as follows:

You will separate into 3 discussion groups based on your chosen topic. Discussion groups will be facilitated in 3 separate areas and based around 3 core questions. 

There are 3 options available, select the 2 sessions  that will provide your business the most value. These topics are as follows:

Time for a break, a caffeine boost and another chance to network with fellow vendors.

Speak with our software exhibitors and eCommerce Nurse team to see how their solutions and services could benefit your business.

Speaker: Bruno Ferreira, Founder, Blue Dot Commerce

Bruno Ferreira will delve into Amazon Vendor Central details, emphasising the importance of robust, compliant SOPs for success. Join him in exploring the key roles of a well-trained cross-functional team responsible for efficiently managing the Amazon VC accounts, covering main training aspects across sales, logistics, and finance. He will share key data points to audit your accounts regularly and gain insights for constant improvement.

Speaker: Liam Phillips, Operations Manager, TikTok

Livestream and video shopping are the future of online retail, which is evident from TikTok’s success and growth. It is a platform that generates limitless demand, where sales are achieved through discovery and engagement.

Understand why TikTok Shop should become part of your online selling strategy, how to get started and learn best practices to get the most out of the platform.

Carina McLeod will highlight the key takeaways and learnings from the day.

Sponsored by eCommerce Nurse, an Amazon Full-Service Agency

Time to unwind after a day of learning, sharing and networking with fellow vendors.

Please note that Vendor Society reserves the right to amend any part of the event format, agenda or speakers if necessary at any time.


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Vendor Society Live Event.

The Pathway to Success

A live event exclusively for Amazon Vendors

A live event exclusively for Amazon Vendors

Expand your knowledge and develop new strategies to grow profitably on Amazon in 2024 and beyond.

A full, interactive day of panels, presentations and discussion groups for Amazon vendors to build on their expertise, share their experiences and take away some key learnings that can be implemented immediately into their business.

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Roundtable Discussions

Option 1: Is Amazon Vendor sustainable for your business?

With cost prices going up, the cost of advertising increasing and margins getting squeezed by Amazon’s annual agreements, it is becoming even more challenging to make the vendor side of the business a sustainable account long-term.

It may seem all doom and gloom but vendors are getting creative and finding ways to navigate the challenges. This discussion group will be based around the following 3 questions:

  1. How do you manage the annual terms negotiations with Amazon? Are there any strategies you have implemented that are driving positive results?
  2. Are you having any success getting Amazon to approve cost price increases? What approaches have worked for you? 
  3. What strategies have you implemented to improve margin and avoid products falling into CRAP status?

Facilitator: Martin Heubel

Option 2: Where should you be investing your budget to drive the greatest return?

Everything comes at a cost on Amazon, from managing your account to driving traffic and generating sales. The question many vendors are asking is where should they invest their budget and resources to get the best ROI? 

Investment comes in many forms on Amazon and we will base the discussion around the following 3 questions:

  1. How are you managing your Amazon business, should you outsource or build an inhouse team?
  2. Do you have an AVS and are you seeing fruits from this relationship?
  3. Where are you investing your marketing budget and seeing the greatest return? Advertising, promotions and/or marketing packages?

Facilitator: Owen Aderibigbe

Option 3: How are you using data to drive incremental growth on Amazon?

There is a wealth of data available but this can either lead to data paralysis where businesses are stalling decision making or confusion and overwhelm where vendors are not clear on the data they should be looking at and how to use it to help grow their Amazon account.

To succeed on Amazon today you need to be making data led decisions. We will be basing the discussion around the following 3 questions:

  1. What Amazon reports are you using to help you identify opportunities for growth and improvement?
  2. Are you pulling this data directly from Amazon or do you have external software or an API?
  3. Are you using any software or reports not available on Amazon that give you greater insights?

Facilitator: Rob Murray