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Earth Day 2019: Improving Amazon sustainability initiatives and goals

It’s almost Earth Day 2019, and climate change and global sustainability are issues that continue to heat up for Amazon and e-commerce in general. While Amazon has addressed some concerns through various programs, initiatives, and action, the complexity and breadth can be staggering for everyone involved--from employees to customers and vendors. Here’s a wrap-up of...

Prime Day 2019 promotions submission window now open

Prime Day 2019,  Amazon’s biggest, global shopping event exclusively for Prime members is quickly approaching. Vendors should be aware that the window for submitting Lightning Deals for Prime Day opened April 1 and will close May 17. Amazon alerted vendors via Vendor Central notifications last week in both the US and the UK. Prime Day...

AmazonSmile raises money for more than one million charities

If you regularly shop on Amazon, you could easily be donating 0.5% of your purchases toward the charity of your choice. AmazonSmile is a program launched in 2013 to facilitate fundraising for a wide range of charitable organizations. In fact, every item available for purchase on is also available on AmazonSmile. By selecting a...

Preparing for a “One Vendor” system? Amazon halts purchase orders and alerts vendors of changes ahead

Is Amazon dictating a new policy and merging its platforms into a “One Vendor” system? It’s a big question this week, as Monday dawned with tens of thousands of vendors failing to receive their weekly replenishment purchase orders from Amazon. A flood of confusion and speculation has followed, as retailers attempt to align their business...

Amazon launches Project Zero for brands to reduce counterfeiting

Last week, Amazon announced a new initiative in line with its goal of reducing persistent counterfeiting issues. The program is called Project Zero, and it grants brands more direct control over their listings. This includes the ability for approved brands to flag and remove counterfeit listings on their own. This program signals a shift in...

360-degree images now spinning on Amazon product pages

Today’s online consumers are looking for a visually stimulating and interactive buying experience. They want the freedom to interact with products online as if they were making a purchase in person. Results show that 360-degree and 3D product imagery provides an optimal user experience, and there is no better marketplace to test this hypothesis than...

Rolling out innovative delivery options with Amazon Scout

Some neighborhoods near Seattle, Wash., may soon see a cooler-sized robot meandering through the streets, delivering Amazon packages. On January 23, Amazon's Blog Day One announced that, as they continually invest in new technologies, Amazon is rolling out a brand new one. Amazon Scout is a new, fully electric delivery system, “Designed to safely get...

Do You Understand Your Annual Terms Agreements?

It is that time of year when Amazon will be reviewing their annual agreements. If these aren’t where they need to be, Amazon will be pushing vendors for improvements. Before you negotiate, are you clear on what the different terms are? Amazon will typically focus on the following areas when requesting improvements: Payments Terms  These terms...

The Amazon Influencer program harnesses social media to promote brands and products

By now, you’ve heard of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You may have dabbled in Facebook Ads, and you are already aware of How to Become and Amazon Associate. But do you know much about social media influencers and the Amazon Influencer program? Why paying attention to social media influencers is important It’s 2019, and...

New Amazon Day program allows customers to choose their delivery day

If you frequently miss your Amazon package deliveries, this notice is for you. Just before peak holiday season in Q4, Amazon announced a new program for Prime members called Amazon Day. (This program is not to be confused with Amazon’s annual Prime Day shopping event). Amazon Day is currently an invite-only program for members who...