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Product video basics for vendors

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, then what about a video? If you are not including videos on your product detail pages, you may be missing out on conversion and sales. Videos can bring a product to life, showing customers details that an image may not....

Tips for Amazon vendor terms negotiations

The Q1 period can be a stressful time for vendors. It’s the time of year when Amazon reviews and renegotiates annual vendor agreements. Experienced vendors may be more comfortable and able to get the most out of the negotiation process. Inexperienced vendors should understand the terms, and how the system works before jumping in. Be...

Notice for vendors, Amazon have updated SIOC chargeback eligibility requirements

Amazon has announced an update to packaging criteria for vendors. The changes are effective February 1, 2020, with a grace period until August 1, 2020. The changes are being made as part of the ongoing global effort to reduce waste and improve the customer experience. Amazon is reducing the dimensions allowed for packages to qualify...

Amazon Ads: The basics of Amazon DSP

Amazon Advertising can sound a bit like an alphabet soup, especially to a newer user. You may have heard of AMG, AMS, AAP, DSP, or PPC. And you might be confused about how these terms function and relate to one another, especially because some of these are now-defunct branches of Amazon Advertising programs. The purpose...

The best of Amazon Prime 2019

Each year, Amazon wraps up info for its annual Best of Prime list just in time for the holiday season. The 2019 numbers and highlights may have you questioning whether Alexa or Santa is the real winner this year. Top highlights include: Prime member favorites, such as the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick with Alexa...

Amazon Fresh adds free grocery delivery for Prime members

Amazon Prime now includes groceries with free 2-hour delivery for more than 100 million US customers. Amazon made Amazon Fresh benefits a part of the Amazon Prime subscription model just in time for November and December holiday shopping. Where Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often wins for Amazon, they now clearly also hope to...

Creating and managing A+ content experiments in Vendor Central

In October, Amazon announced via Vendor Central that they would begin allowing A/B tests on A+ content for vendor listings. With the holiday shopping season in view, Amazon unveiled A+ Content Experiments as a way to potentially drive sales by identifying and presenting the best content possible to customers.  How to use Content Experiments  ...

The Amazon Vendor’s Guide to Promotions: Setting up coupons and vouchers in Vendor Central

A blog series on vendor promotions | Part One Amazon is very good at leaving vendors to run their own business. When it comes to Vendor Central tips and help, Amazon takes a very hands-off approach. Vendors are expected to do it all, but many simply set up their accounts and then desert them, thinking...

The Amazon Born to Run program is facilitating faster and more successful product launches

With millions of products on Amazon, successfully launching a new one can be a challenge for vendors. With no reviews, only basic information, and a lack of sales history or velocity, the process has traditionally been slow and problematic. Amazon’s answer to this is the Born to Run program, which is available to select vendors...

Quick tips for adding video to your listings in Vendor Central

Images can make or break an online sale. Amazon requires every product on their website to have images before they are live, so customers can make an informed purchase decision. But did you know it’s quite easy to add video to your listings, too? This extra boost of customer engagement can help convert sales and...
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