Amazon Locker continues delivery innovation for customers all over the globe.

With faster deliveries, and more deliveries to more locations than ever, Amazon is continually ramping up innovative delivery options. The Amazon Locker program is one of these unique solutions. Instead of having packages delivered to apartments, doorsteps, and near mailboxes, customers can opt to have them put securely in Amazon Locker Hub locations throughout the world.

What is Amazon Locker?

Physically, Amazon Lockers usually look like bright yellow hubs. These are kiosks that allow customers to pick-up packages at times and places convenient specifically to them. Since the Lockers are completely self-service, customers can access them 24 hours a day, even on nights and weekends. Once delivered, customers need to collect their packages within 3 calendar days.

How do customers use them?

Customers can find the Locker locations nearest to them at checkout in their Amazon account. They simply select and add the Locker location as their delivery location in their address book. Delivery services simply deliver the packages to the specified secure Locker location for customers to pickup. When it’s ready, customers are sent a 6-digit code to a secure slot in the Locker. Prime members can still get FREE One-Day and Two-Day shipping options, as usual. The packages are delivered to the guaranteed, secure location. 

Benefits of Amazon Locker

Amazon Locker is popular with people who live in large cities, in buildings with small mailboxes, or places with no doorman. For those who live in houses, but have experienced porch thieves, the Amazon Locker option is also ideal and more secure. The main benefit is security, but customers can also enjoy the convenience  and reliability of anytime package pickup. 

Locker hubs are also eligible to accept customer returns. For customers not wanting to go to a shipping store or post office, they can select the Locker as the return point when initiating a return in their Amazon account. After printing a label and packaging their return, customers simply deposit it at the Locker location using the coded entry.

Locker is free to use in the US and there are no lines, and no waiting. In the UK, Locker is free for Prime members but non-Prime members will be charged £2.99 for One-Day delivery or £5.99 for Same-Day delivery of eligible items.

Locker is also kind of amusing in execution. Each one is individually named. Customers can pickup packages with friendly help from Chichi, Flavius, Iona, or Pamela, or thousands of others across the world.

There are some limits to Amazon Locker. Large and bulky items are not eligible for Locker delivery. This means customers ordering things like furniture or mattresses will be out of luck. Amazon Locker is also not available in all locations, towns, or cities.

Where is Locker available?

Amazon Lockers are located in more than 900 cities and towns across the US. Locker has also rolled out in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain. Just last week, Amazon announced Japan would install kiosks in retail outlets and train stations before the end of 2019.

With more online shopping than ever, more efficient delivery has become a priority for Amazon. Amazon Locker represents increasingly smart and more eco-friendly solutions for customers around the world. For more information about Amazon Locker, visit the Locker landing page. You can also read more about Amazon delivery innovation.  

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