Amazon Keyword Search Term Limit

Amazon are limiting the number of keywords in the search terms

Amazon have announced that they have introduced a new limit on the total number of keyword characters a vendor can use as generic keywords (search terms). Until now it has been up to 500, but it is now 250 characters. They say it is to improve the search results, partly as too many brands have been abusing the character count adding lots of irrelevant keywords. By keeping it tight, helps brands focus on using the most relevant keywords for that product.

If vendors exceed this limit, none of the keywords under the search terms will be indexed or searchable, meaning they will not appear in the search results.

The search term limit applies to both existing and new product listings. We recommend you ask Vendor Support to provide you with a report of all search terms. You can then check the number of characters and reduce accordingly to ensure your products are not impacted.

Here is a list of things to note when reviewing your keywords:

  • Be separated by a comma or semicolon
  • Include synonyms, abbreviations and alternate names.
  • Include spelling variations; no need for misspellings.
  • Use either singular or plural; no need for both.
  • Don’t repeat words within the search terms field.
  • Don’t repeat words from other fields, such as Title or Brand Name.
  • Don’t include your brand or other brand names in search terms.
  • Don’t include ASINs in search terms.
  • No need for stop words, such as “a” “an” “and” “by” “for” “of” “the” “with” or punctuation, such as ; : , – .
  • No temporary statements, such as “new” or “on sale now”
  • Don’t use subjective claims, such as “best” “cheapest” “amazing” and so on.
  • Don’t add abusive or offensive terms.
  • Note that some characters (also known as bytes) such as ‘é’, ‘ä’ or ‘&’ count as two or more. 

Carina McLeod

Carina spent over seven years working in Vendor Management at Amazon UK and now is the CEO and Founder of a consulting agency, eCommerce Nurse, helping vendors and sellers grow their business on Amazon. She is also the Founder of Vendor Society.

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