Amazon Day allows customers to choose their delivery day

New Amazon Day program allows customers to choose their delivery day

If you frequently miss your Amazon package deliveries, this notice is for you.

Just before peak holiday season in Q4, Amazon announced a new program for Prime members called Amazon Day. (This program is not to be confused with Amazon’s annual Prime Day shopping event). Amazon Day is currently an invite-only program for members who wish to pre-select their delivery day.

By scheduling a particular day for delivery, customers can ensure they are available to receive packages when they arrive. Or even plan their week around it. Work from home on Mondays? Prefer Saturday delivery instead of weekdays? Need items to arrive on Friday before planned weekend trips? Amazon Day is a solution for many customers’  varied issues.

A plus for Amazon

Allowing customers to take advantage of this option has tangible benefits to Amazon, as well as customers. Amazon’s Q3 report, released in October 2018, detailed that worldwide shipping costs rose 22% to $6.6 billion. Combining or delaying shipments for customers makes it feasible for Amazon to cut down on packaging and shipping costs. Yet it still still allows for increasing overall orders. It’s better for the environment and may appeal to customers in that respect.

Further, if customers are scheduling deliveries for times when they’re more likely to be home, porch thefts, stolen, and misplaced packages may also be reduced. The program is both a win for customers who want it, and for Amazon to improve profit margins.

“We’re excited to be testing a new service aimed at making the delivery experience more convenient for customers,”  Amazon spokeswoman Kristen Kish said in a statement at launch.

How to use Amazon Day

Amazon Day is available on most products that already have two-day Prime shipping. Invited customers will be able to see the option at checkout. These customers can also still select options like same-day delivery, weekend delivery, and no-rush delivery–if these options exist for that particular product.

To join Amazon Day, customers simply select the option at checkout. Amazon will package all of that customer’s items for delivery on the specified day, as long as customers place the order at least two days in advance of the chosen day.

Amazon does not offer a discount or benefit for using the Amazon Day service (as opposed to no-rush shipping, where Amazon rewards the customer with Prime Now credits). Customers are able to select any day of the week for their delivery day, including Saturdays if available for their area. Amazon has not provided an update on when the program will be rolling out to more customers or reaching the full Prime customer base.

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