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Brands on Amazon have a number of strategies to drive traffic to their products. But when a customer arrives on a detail page from any traffic channel, how do you help them go from simply browsing to confidently buying? Any way you slice it, great content is a must. For vendors, this means knowing what your options are when it comes to A+ content.

What is A+ content?

On Amazon, optimized content is essential. It helps with search and discoverability through keywords. It converts sales, which then boosts search ranking and relevance to increase sales. And, of course,  it should help customers make an informed decision when it comes to differentiating from competitors, answering frequent questions, illustrating features, and providing great images.

A+ detail page
An A+ product description created by Vendor Society.

A+ content goes above and beyond these basics, with enhanced content that amplifies all of the regular detail page options. It uses more images, multimedia content, comparison charts, and a larger space to tell your brand’s story. It’s a more interactive and rich experience for customers. And appealing to customers is what making sales is all about.

Comparison chart
A product comparison chart on an A+ detail page created by Vendor Society.

A+ options available to vendors

Amazon offers different levels (and prices) of content. “Basic A+” is free to brands. It offers five modules, and a good opportunity for brands to expand on their indexed keywords, images, and product info.

“Premium A+” content offers all this and goes a step further. It offers brands seven modules, with even richer content. This includes full-width images, videos up to three minutes in length, mobile-friendly layouts, Alexa-integrated options, and more.

Why use A+?

With millions of products on Amazon in hundreds of categories, and with 60% of sales these days coming from third-party sellers, it’s important to differentiate yourself from competition.

According to Dani Thompson, a Senior Client Manager for Vendor Society, optimized content is essential on Amazon, but optimized A+ content is essential to succeeding on Amazon:

“A detail page is your one chance to talk to the customer about your product. It’s your virtual sales person, and your only opportunity to answer any questions which might be bubbling in their mind. Each customer may have a different question, but they’ll scan your content to find the answer they’re looking for. As longs as your content is interesting, well laid-out and informative, it won’t be wasted,” said Thompson.

Addressing customer FAQs, showing off your product (as if it’s shelf in a brick-and-mortar store), utilizing charts and infographics, appealing to different groups of shoppers and their habits, and cross-selling your products with comparison charts can all be very helpful.

A+ detail page
Example of A+ images on a detail page created by Vendor Society.

According to Amazon, A+ content  increases sales an average of 3 to 10% and creates an improved product and brand experience.

In Vendor Central, Amazon states: “A+ content may increase your sales in the first 90 days due to increased customer confidence at the point of purchase, and improved search engine optimization. Vendor sales increase projections are based on 90-day studies conducted in 2015 across thousands of ASINs in multiple marketplaces. Results may vary based on numerous factors, including content quality, product price, and product category.”


Getting started

Merchandising Tab in Vendor Central

Vendors can access the A+ portal through the “Merchandising” tab in Vendor Central. Brands can see and create their options from here. Options and prices for Premium content will also vary by vendor. Once modules are selected and you have added content, you’ll want to proofread, check against Amazon’s guidelines and submit for approval. You can browse A+ examples within this post for a general idea of what general layouts and style should look like.

Some other A+ tips include making sure any claims and awards are well-substantiated. Include dates and any pertinent information, or Amazon will reject your submission. Vendors will want to make sure they have done quality keyword research. Looking at what keywords are driving your competitors’ sales and what customers are searching for in your product category is important, as you can then subtly include these into your content.

Lastly, having A+ content is great, but in order to convert sales, you need customers to actually see it. In addition to investing time and resources into content, make sure you’re also investing in Amazon ads to drive additional traffic to your pages. Mark Pettit, an ad expert and founder of Skye High Media, said A+ can be a crucial part of your business plan.

“Think of A+ as your shop window. It’s a place that needs to be eye-catching, informative and answers all the questions a customer may have. It’s almost a prerequisite for success, and thousands of vendors naturally see an uplift in page conversion rates once implemented.”

“Apart from making the page more aesthetically pleasing, it also gains your brand bonus points from an algorithmic point of view. A+ stands as a way of conveying your brand’s features and benefits in one simple place. If you’re spending money on advertising programs and promotion, you have to ensure that the pages your driving traffic to are fully optimized with enhanced content.”

Approval turnaround time for A+ can take up to 7 days, but this is usually shorter. For UK A+ pages, 7-10 days is typical.

Help with A+ content

A+ content can be an investment–whether you are creating content and designing assets in-house or enlisting help. Ensuring a return on that investment is essential. It’s imperative to understand how it all works together. From selecting the correct ASINs for A+ content, to knowing how SEO, optimization, branding, images, guidelines, and analytics all work together to create a successful detail page. Expert help on A+ content can ultimately save you time and money by cutting down on re-submissions. Plus, technical know-how is beneficial when it comes to Amazon-specific details, layout, and design. 

Vendor Society offers a comprehensive choice for vendors that incorporates expertise in all of these elements. We work with you to deliver optimal content that is customized, on-brand, and, most importantly, effective for conversion and boosting sales. Vendor Society has a range of clients from different sizes, countries, and product categories. Please contact us with questions and for an expert A+ content consultation.

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